It’s nearly here, so what is Appysnap?

We’re a day away from submitting our latest app Appysnap to Apple, so it’s time to lift the covers off a project that has consumed the past six months of our life. There are only two of us, and only one of us can code, so everything takes time (or I should learn to code).

We’ve deliberately kept quiet about what Appysnap is and what it does, because it primarily involves photos and gamification – two white-hot spaces in apps right now. Paranoid? Possibly, but a similar app launched the week before last at SXSW, which goes to prove the point.

What is Appysnap?

Appysnap is a photo-based game that can be played anywhere; players are sent missions at any time of day, to take a photo of a specific item, place or theme before their time runs out – if they successfully complete the mission quick enough, players receive points, prizes and other incentives.

(if you’d like to see how the app looks, head over to Appysnap’s Facebook page where we’ll be adding screenshots over the next few days)

Some missions will play out in secret (players won’t receive notifications that a new mission has arrived) and in time we’ll be adding localised missions which can be as granular as we like – regional, local, even specific neighbourhoods. A great example would be an event or gig, where we release a mission in a venue for the crowd to complete, with the prize for the winner being VIP access backstage immediately afterwards. A virtual game with real-time rewards.

That’s it – a really simple concept but one that’s required a lot of work to realise, primarily because there isn’t another app like Appysnap. There have been plenty of challenges (you can probably guess the most obvious we’ve had to deal with), but we’ve managed to overcome them with a dash of ingenuity, a dose of common sense, but mostly through swearing at Macs.

More to come

Version 1.0 is very straight forward, the best we could deliver in a bootstrapping scenario in the shortest period of time. We’ve plans to add deeper social integration and gameplay for teams (multiple photo missions across continents, anyone?). For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be waiting on Apple to approve the app.

We’ve had the app in testing with a handful of users, and we plan to do more in the short-term, but no amount of testing is a substitute for people playing Appysnap for real. We’ll adapt and build on the feedback users offer once the app is approved and in the App Store.

Finally, a couple of thank yous – first to Graham Morley for helping us define the initial UX flow of the app, and to Torunn Seim Skrogstad for delivering the design of not only the app, but our web activity, some of which will go live on our website in the next few days.

Paul and Jon


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