The team behind our latest iPhone app, AppySnap

We’re currently working on a new project – AppySnap – and it’s starting to get interesting. We haven’t said much about what the iPhone app will be or do, and deliberately so – we’re won’t be launching until February, so don’t want to reveal our hand until everything is right.

(If you haven’t heard of AppySnap yet, there’s a Twitter account and a Facebook page, too – we’d love you to join us!)

In the meantime, we’d like to tell you about the people we’re working with. Aside from myself and Jon, we’re delighted to be utilising the skills of two great talents to help us nail the look and feel of the app.

The first is Graham Morley, who was the UX engineer on, a multi-million dollar start-up initially based in North East England. Aside from being an excellent sounding board and all-round top geezer, Graham has extensive experience of UX and UI for mobile devices. Perfect.

We’re hoping AppySnap will not only offer a distinctive user experience, but also samurai-sharp style, so Torunn S Skrogstad will be looking after the design of the app’s gameplay elements. Torunn’s another positive force to have on side, and together with Graham we think we can create something you’ll have fun with and want to tell others about.

Expect to see the AppySnap website launch in mid-January, while the app itself will be available for download from the beginning of February. P


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