Introducing Instant Boston… and a brand new look for Instant Cities

Our Instant Cities series of apps are full of fantastic content, but the app features didn’t make the most of it. That’s all about to change. Instant Cities will be getting a facelift over the next month, with a fresh look for our existing apps, our website and some brand new city destinations too.

To begin with, we’ve a brand new app, Instant Boston, now available in the App Store. It’s been written and produced by Stephen Keeling, an award-winning author with ten titles to his name for both Frommer’s and Rough Guides, including the Rough Guide to New England. It’s brilliant to work with professionals like this, who share our passion for travel.

So what’s new? The biggest change is how accessible we’ve made the information; you can still search by image and by name, but also by proximity and using embedded Google Maps. We’ve changed the content layout to make links and content more accessible, and we’ve made lots of tweaks to clean up the look and feel of the app – transparent title bars to allows full size images, and so on.

Overall, we’re putting more emphasis on our brand, and the unique selling point of the range. There are very few iPhone travel guides that produce content specifically for the platform – most will either scrape wikis or cut and paste from existing books. We really proud that we’re growing a range of travel apps with content unique to the iPhone, and curated by award-winning travel writers.

As always, let us know what you think, and keep an eye out for new updates to existing titles (with the new feature sets) and further new titles too. P


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