Seven days that were Never Odd Or Even

It’s been a brilliant week for Never Odd Or Even, our best ever in fact. If this last week was a person, I’d be on one knee proposing to it. I can scarcely believe how we’ve managed to get away with it.

Rewind to last Saturday, and our Ask The Hoff app received nationwide coverage in The Telegraph’s magazine supplement. This gave the app’s sales and profile a much needed boost; sales increased five-fold and the app reached number 16 in the UK’s Lifestyle category.

Bolstered by this increase in visibility, we hit the social media jungle drums again and spread the good news through Twitter and Facebook. A BBC employee saw the news and passed it on to the Scott Mills show at BBC Radio 1, which has led to Ask The Hoff enjoying national radio coverage for the past three days. As a result the app has jumped to number two in the Lifestyle category and is currently the 45th most popular paid app in the UK. Unbelievable.

Ask The Hoff wasn’t our only app to enjoy the limelight this week. On Thursday, our collaboration with award winning travel writer Donald Strachan, Instant Florence, received national exposure in The Times. Admittedly, Donald wrote the piece but that’s the benefit of working with a freelance travel writer! Instant Florence has also become a top 20 travel app in Ireland, which is brilliant to see.

On top of all of this, two other exciting announcements. We’re working with a local developer to bring Ask The Hoff to the Android platform, for what will be our first Android app. We can also reveal we’re due to start work on a second celebrity app next week, due to be submitted to Apple early next year.

Finally, I travelled down to London for the first ever AppJam – a great networking event for developers, agencies and investors – and met up with Charlie at, an inspired service working with agencies to propagate good app ideas and offer a vital secondary source of income to developers.

For a tiny ickle digital agency, we’ve had a brilliant seven days. Let’s hope for another seven just like them in the near future. P


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