New travels, new projects and a mysterious stranger…

Never Odd Or Even - who is that man? New iPhone app coming soon...We haven’t played out much lately, Jon and I. We’ve kept a relatively low profile in recent weeks as we work to complete several exciting projects that will hopefully propel the business forward, like a man offering a piggyback to a gazelle while pursued by a hungry tiger.

We’ve new features for our Instant Cities iPhone apps to come, as well as new apps for London and Florence – the latter of these is a collaborative effort with an award-winning travel writer, which we’re very excited about. We’ve learnt a huge amount about the dynamics of the App Store and mobile application marketing through these titles, and hope to complete the series with more releases by the end of the year.

Another collaboration we’re looking forward to announcing is web-based; we’ve entered a joint venture with a local developer to create a site that will launch globally in a relatively uncrowded space. The project is in private Beta right now, but we’re hoping to go public in the next month. Follow our Twitter feed at @neverodd to find out the latest news.

Finally, we have the mystery gentleman to your right. He’s the star of a new iPhone app that represents five months’ worth of email tennis back and forth between Newcastle and Los Angeles. It’s a simple, fun app that we’re planning to submit to the App Store by the weekend, and we’re quietly hopeful of it going viral in the App Store charts this Autumn.

The bags under our eyes may be dark, the bar staff of Newcastle fear we’ve passed away in our sleep – but in the next few weeks we should have cause to celebrate our efforts and get our first decent night’s sleep in ages. Fingers and everything else crossed. Paul


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