Instant Edinburgh iPhone app – hello Osterreich!

As of today, there are roughly 4,800 apps in the Travel category of the iTunes App Store. Roughly 1 in 4 apps are free, which suggests about 1,200 free travel apps for customers to choose from. Last Friday we began our Edinburgh Fringe promotion which saw Instant Edinburgh become a free download, after been released as a paid app in June. While we’d already learnt plenty about marketing apps, we weren’t necessarily expecting a two month-old app to make a dent amongst thousands of others.

Then today I found a piece of software called MajicRank – a desktop app which scours all the international versions of the App Store to determine where apps rank in a particular territory’s chart:

Never Odd Or Even - Instant Edinburgh

Today, Instant Edinburgh is ranking in the Top 100 of nearly two dozen travel charts around the world! We expected to see some interest from the EU countries, but certainly not the Far East!

The promotion is proving very exciting in terms of developing our strategy for releasing further apps. While there’s no point releasing free apps in the long term – unless your app enjoys singular success, in-app advertising seems unlikely to generate enough revenue to sustain development – we’ll be looking at further short-term bursts of activity to grow our market share, because that will be invaluable for cross-promoting other apps in the future. Paul


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