Free iPhone apps during Edinburgh Fringe

Never Odd - Edinburgh FringeThe Edinburgh Fringe is, in a word, outlandish. In a few more words it’s dazzling, drunken, outrageous and usually wet. I only manage three or four days before the diet of crisps and beer causes organ failure. Otherwise it’s a brilliant experience, hosted by a city that revels in the absurdity of it all. And because we’re big fans of the Fringe, you can download our Instant Edinburgh iPhone app for free.

If you’ve never had a flick through an Instant Cities guide before, now’s your chance to do so without it costing you the princely sum of £1.19. The offer runs for the duration of the Fringe – from today until August 31st – so download it now and you’ll be entitled to the next update which includes embedded maps and text search. Bargain. Paul


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