Instant Edinburgh for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Picture 1Since releasing Instant New York in February, we had intended to have several more iPhone applications launched by now. Alas, our plans went a little Pete Tong when I decided to disappear half way around the world.

Not to worry, because our second iPhone app, Instant Edinburgh, is now available in the App Store. As with Instant New York, it uses photo galleries to find sights and landmarks you recognise or find interesting.

We’ve made some tweaks to the architecture and to how the images are displayed, making the guide even easier to use. An updated version of Instant New York will also be available in the next few days, in which we’ve not only incorporated these improvements but also added extra content and new entries. We’ll let you know when it arrives.

As always, we’d love your support and your feedback on Instant Edinburgh. We’ve a major update planned for next month which will see some of your suggestions incorporated into both apps, as well as the release of two more titles.

You can buy Instant Edinburgh in the App Store here, or search for it by name in the iTunes store, or on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Paul


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