Instant New York for the iPhone – a top 10 travel app

Apps StoreI’m thrilled to announce the first of our iPhone (and iPod Touch) apps – Instant New York – is now available in the iTunes App Store. Not only that, but just four days after release it’s in the Travel section Top 10. It represents five months of extra-curricular activity for both Jon and myself, and marks the beginning of our Instant Cities brand on mobile devices, and our broader range of iPhone applications.

The concept of Instant New York is straight forward; it uses photo galleries to find sights and landmarks you recognise or find interesting. We’ve a timetable of new updates and features planned, as we add further locations to the Instant Cities portfolio.

I’ll wait until next week to tell you how it’s performing – in the meantime, please buy it! We’ve submitted an update today to correct some editorial issues and display glitches, but you’ll receive this and all future updates as part of the purchase. You can buy Instant New York in the App Store here, or search for it by name in the iTunes store or on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Paul


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