In the beginning…

The Wonder Wheel, Coney Island. About the only thing they haven't torn down. Gah.As the digital wheels of Never Odd Or Even slowly grind into life, we thought we’d best let you know what we’re up to, what we’re working on and what flies behind our eyes while we’re enjoying lime pickle smothered on fatty foodstuffs.

You might not give a flying damn, obviously, and such is the nature of blogs. That’s quite alright. If you do read something you like or intensely disagree with, feel free to comment, lambaste us and pass it on to others to do the same.

We’re hoping to tell you all about our latest project later this month, which goes by the tantalisingly vague name of Project Washburne. Maybe it’s not all that tantalising to be honest, but it will be fun. Promise. More on that soon. Paul


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